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Paula Half-Moon Pouch In White Cork


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The Paula Half-Moon Pouch in white is perfect for keeping the little treasures in your purse afloat. This zippered pouch is small enough to fit into your everyday purse and big enough to fit an iPhone 6S, 7, or 8. Use as a catch-all for a bigger bag, use alone as a wallet, or even as a jewelry bag. Keep your smallest treasures safe with a water-repellent outer body made from natural cork. A hidden middle layer made from recycled plastic bottles gives structure to the design and helps protect your belongings. The inner liner is made from salvaged linen with a beautiful shine/sheen to it. Lovingly designed & hand-crafted in Dallas, Tx from vegan materials. 

THE DETAILS: Measurements: Approximately 7 in wide x 5 in tall. The body is made from natural cork in white. Middle (hidden) layer made from recycled plastic bottles. Liner made from salvaged shiny linen in gold. 

Sale price $49.99 Regular price $57.56

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