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ODG Day / Night Walking Bundle Bag

Mobile Dog Gear

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ODG Day / Night Walking Bundle Bag

Bundle: ODG Day/Night Walking Bag (Black) and ODG Dine Away Set TM (Med/Lg Dogs) (Black)

Whether your adventures are near or far, Mobile Dog Gear’s pet luggage travel bags make it simple to travel with your dog! Mobile Dog Gear provides a patent-pending organized luggage system with accessories that now makes it simple to travel with your dog for any length of time. We have several pet travel luggage options for any size dog or situation that holds items such as toys, water, food, treats, leash, harness, waste bags, and other pet essentials. These travel bags for dogs allow you to expertly pack and organize your pet’s belongings, easily find and access them, with everything in one easy-to-reach place. No more wasting time digging and searching in your personal luggage or random bags for your pet’s items! With Mobile Dog Gear’s traveling dog bag, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the company of your furry companion!

Mobile Dog Gear organized luggage dog travel bags make it simple to travel with your dog. This bundle pack of Mobile Dog Gear comes with two amazing pieces that every traveling dog owner needs! The Day/Night Walk Bag is perfect to use while taking your dog on a walk, whether it's during the day or night. You also get our Dine Away Bag that is a no-mess, easy way to carry just your dog’s food, water, and treats. Holding all of your pet essentials has never been easier!

  • Day/Night Walking Bag: This functional walking dog bag features: large main compartment, separate pocket for a roll of dog waste bags, dog waste bag dispenser, water-resistant material, reflective trim on bag, mesh pocket for water bottle, and removable reflective shoulder strap. Also included are a pocket-size flashlight, 2 reflective wrist straps for added visibility for night walks, and a roll of dog waste bags. This dog walk bag can be worn cross-body, over the shoulder, on the waist or with a belt hook.


  • Dine Away Set: This dog food travel bag includes: Two-lined carriers with handles which can be used to store food and/or treats, two collapsible silicone pet travel bowls, one collapsible silicone food scoop, a non-slip placemat, and a drawstring bag which holds the entire set. The food carriers hold 30 cups in total.

Your furry friend loves to travel, but wait, you’ve forgotten something! Leash, collar, favorite chew toy?!? Whether going out for a few hours, the weekend, or on a longer trip, we’ve got the perfect travel bags for your dog! This pet luggage allows you to expertly pack and organize your pet’s belongings, easily find and access them, all while providing peace of mind that your pet’s items do not get lost or left behind. This dog traveling bag is a must-have for any pet parent!

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