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MDG Pet Water Bottle Bundle 9.5 Oz

Mobile Dog Gear

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Whether your adventures are near or far, Mobile Dog Gear’s pet luggage and travel accessories make it simple to travel with your dog! Besides our patent-pending organized luggage system, we also make the highest quality accessories you'll need for your trip. We have several pet travel accessories for any size dog or situation. For hydration during adventures, we've created beautiful stainless steel water bottles. Best of all, the lid can be used as a bowl for your dog to drink right out of it! Hydrating your dog is essential when traveling and with our Mobile Dog Gear Water Bottle it will be as convenient as ever to do so.

Mobile Dog Gear designed water bottles for your pup that makes it easier than ever before to hydrate your dog while on the go. The 9 Oz Water Bottle is the perfect size for quenching your small dog's thirst while leaving home for the day. Not only will it hold enough water to keep your dog properly hydrated, but the lid is also used as a bowl for your dog to drink out of. It is also extremely easy to store for your own personal convenience.

This 2-pack of water bottles is designed especially for your small dog! It is not your typical stainless steel water bottle. This one comes with an extremely durable plastic lid made specifically for your dog to drink from. It's as simple as removing the lid, pour the water, let your dog hydrate itself. It's that simple!

This isn’t your average water bottle! The high-end stainless steel bottle and the extremely durable plastic lid will last without the concern of it wearing out or falling apart. This material is both lightweight and easy to clean and can handle the “ruff” and tumble off on the go. This expertly designed bottle will have your pet hydrating in style!

Your furry friend loves to travel and you should have the highest quality accessories to do so with! Whether going out for a few hours, the weekend or on a longer trip, this stainless steel water bottle will make your life so much easier! This dog water bottle not only holds enough water your dog will need for your outing but also doubles as it's own lid for your dog to drink out of. This water bottle is a must-have for any pet parent as the convenience it brings is unmatched!


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