The Beginner Author's Outline Notebook

The Beginner Author's Outline Notebook.

The Writing Entrepreneur’s Non-Fiction Resource Guide & Journal for Drafting Your First Book

If you are looking for direction with writing your first book, look no further.  Did you overpay for writing courses that were overpromised? This basic, no-nonsense outline and workbook will help you to take the vital steps the draft your first book.

This book is for you if you:

  • Have a goal to write your non-fiction first book;
  • Need a detailed outline to start;
  • Need one place to store your ideas while taking an online writing course;
  • Would like to share your ideas with a larger audience;
  • Want to ease into a passive income stream through writing & self-publishing;
  • If you love writing and have a difficult time pulling your ideas together in one place!

The Beginner Author's Outline Notebook

The power of this workbook is its simplicity.   It’s also loaded with motivational quotes, tips, challenges, and goals.  You don’t have any more excuses.  This workbook is for a beginning author, the starting entrepreneur writer, or self-publisher.  

This step-by-step guide is designed like a diary to help you research, draft and finalize the actions to create and make your book ready for publishing.  It is also formatted in a full-size portrait style for different types of learners, to write, journal, pin, or doodle their ideas.  

Start here and leave your legacy forever with a book. Best of luck in your writing journey.  Create. write, author, and love your final outcome.



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