Is Passive Income A False Concept?

Is Passive Income a False Concept? Have we been duped into schemes that have us patiently prospering toward future income, retirement, and financial freedom?

Have you been trapped in a horrible, unrelenting cycle trying to obtain success with income ventures? Does it feel more like a job? Stop believing that all plans and paths work for everyone. Stop believing that there is a freedom secret or out-of-the-box instructions that you can just follow to be on your way to financial independence.

Is Passive Income A False Concept?

How can we tell the true path to monetary privilege or a comfortable retirement? A better question yet: how can you set your own personal path to an economic future that you will be happy with?

This book will

  • Aid you in exploring the flaws in this concept and how one’s own drive for education and additional resources can help you ward off scams.
  • drive you to ask some critical, common-sense questions about your lifestyle and what your next best game plan for generating passive income is.
  • helps you empower a mission towards your personal journey.
  • helps you to better analyze traditional and trending strategies for for-profit ideas.

In essence, are you asking the right questions to start or correct your plan? You decide if you want to continue to follow the crowd or jump out ahead of it!




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