Passive Income in Self-Publishing: Why Become An Entrepreneur in A Niche?

Passive Income in Self-Publishing: Why Become An Entrepreneur in A Niche?

Do you love reading and writing? If so, you might be missing an opportunity for some handsome passive income! In this article, you’ll find out how you can become a self-publishing entrepreneur!

How to Earn Passive Income From Self-Publishing in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Write Your Heart Out

What topic inspires you? Is there a field of interest that you know plenty about, and you’re eager to share your insights and opinions? Then start writing! Pour all your creativity, drive, knowledge, and inspiration into research and writing before everything else.

Step #2: Build Your Publishing Platform

You don’t have to commit to a single title, like a book or a blog. Instead, create an entire network of published work. First, start your website and blog about the topics that interest you. Link your website and blog to your social media profiles, and share your writing there as well.

Begin connecting and interacting with readers. Note their feedback to gain unique insight into a topic, their questions, or problems that you might be able to resolve. Then commit to writing a book based on your experience. That way, by the time you publish, you’ll already have a fan base that’s eager to read your work!

Step#3: Earn Passive Sales and Commissions!

The more you post about topics of interest, the more readers you attract. The more people read your work and visit your website, the better the chance of earning passive income from product sales, affiliations, and your website traffic.

Once you publish your book, you can also make passive income from sales. To boost your passive income stream, add eBook affiliations to your list. Find publishers who have affiliate programs, and then sign up. You can proceed to write and post about their books and then link your affiliate URL to suitable places on your website.

Whenever someone who reads your book clicks on the affiliate link and buys a book, you’ll earn a commission!

Self-Publishing Entrepreneurship FAQ

If you’re about to start you self-publishing business, it’s important to clarify the following questions:

#1: What Should I Write About?

You should find topics that have several common traits:

  • You have skills and authority. Readers pay attention to whether an author has authority to speak on the topic. Choose a topic that’s within your area of expertise.
  • They’re trending. Your topic should be popular both among readers and in the media. That way, it will get the right interest and exposure.
  • You have unique insight. Find an authentic angle to write from. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, authenticity is a must for your literary work to have value.

#2: How to Market My eBooks?

After writing, designing, and publishing your book, remember the following steps:

  • Promote your book both offline and on social media.
  • Organize events, like panels and book signing, to meet your readers face-to-face.
  • Join forces and make affiliations with brands and businesses that are in the same industry and are aligned with your book.

Passive Income in Self-Publishing: Why Become An Entrepreneur in A Niche

#3: What’s My Style/Brand Philosophy?

You’ll need a memorable style to become a memorable author. Design your brand by infusing the philosophy behind your writing. Your philosophy reflects what you’re all about and what you stand for. Translate that onto your color schemes, designs, and fonts, and later use those visuals for your book cover, flyers, and ads.



Don’t stress, you got this! Passive income from self-publishing may not be quick or easy, but it’s achievable with knowledge, inspiration, and devoted work!

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