Ladies, Stop Doing These Three Things on Dating Apps and Websites for Singles

Ladies, Stop Doing These Three Things on Dating Apps and Websites for Singles

We’re all looking for love. When it comes to online dating, the playing field is more nuanced than meeting someone at a bar or in a club. Things that work in real-life won’t work when you take your dating game digital. Creating the perfect dating profile is probably the most important first step to success. That and learning how to flirt online.

Although men are said to be easily impressed, that is far from the truth. Just being good-looking is not going to cut it.

Ladies, Stop Doing These Three Things on Dating Apps and Websites for Singles

When you want to mingle online, you have to put in a lot of effort to make sure your profile reflects who you truly are and not some version you think will bring all the boys to your DMs. To increase your chances of getting a match, be as honest as you can when creating your online dating profile.

Here are the three most common things women do to make men swipe left.

You’re a Selfie Queen

Not only do you upload a lot of selfies, but they’re face shots only. You can’t expect a man to decide if he likes how you look if you only show him 10% of the full package.

Also, 8 in 10 people lose interest if photos are overly filtered—the dog tongue and flower crown filters being two of the main culprits.

You Have a Boring Profile

Don’t even think about writing, “Ask me what you want to know.” You don’t want men to guess if you’re cool. Write something exciting about yourself. It also makes it easier for them to get creative when they send you a message.

When you give them nothing to work with, don’t expect more than a ‘Hi.’

You’re a Mean Girl

Don’t complain about men, gossip about your friends, or insult your co-workers. There’s nothing attractive about being cruel. Similarly, if a guy that’s not your type messages you, don’t be nasty. There’s nothing wrong with politely saying you’re not interested.

The saying, “When you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all,” applies to the Interweb too.

Go From a Two to a Ten

By changing these three things, you may find yourself hitched and happy in no time.

Until then, here are some FAQs to up your chances of success.

What drives men away?

Controlling behavior is a big no-no. Men like their freedom—even online.

Do guys pull away when they like a girl?

Men do this if they believe you’re already in a relationship. If he is really into you and he knows you’re single, nothing will keep him away.

How can I make a man chase me?

  • Don’t be too available.
  • Let him believe he is in charge.
  • Show him you have a life apart from him.
  • Keep some things private.
  • Be confident.



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