These Are Guidelines for Self-Publishing Passive Income Generation Discover Your Authority (2023)

These Are Guidelines for Self-Publishing Passive Income Generation Discover Your Authority (2023)

Now that you’ve overcome the fear of writing and publishing—and have begun gathering audiences or fandom even—it’s easy to think that you “have the world on your plate” and that you can do no wrong.

This isn’t true, and many self-published authors made mistakes in the past that cost them a perfectly fine career. In this article, you’ll learn what to do and not do when generating passive income.

Guidelines for Self-Publishing Passive Income Generation Discover Your Authority

Tips for Making a Steady Income From Your Own Books

Develop Your Credibility as a Leader

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world through writing, publishing, and giving presentations on the topics in which you have expertise. 
Just because you've read a few e-books on the stock market doesn't mean you should start giving lessons to others; instead, you should zero in on the regions and issues where you have something special to offer.

Tell the Truth

Avoid hyperbole such as "best" and "ultimate" when describing your expertise and recommendations. 

Instead, admit your lack of absolute confidence when making statements. 
You may be able to offer informed assessments on some subjects, but always remember to keep an open mind.

Incorporate Feedback

There will always be critics, no matter how carefully you craft your work to avoid offending anyone. Some people may object to the terms you're using, while others may twist your words to accuse you of something you didn't intend to say.
Avoid taking the defensive.  Accept the feedback you don't agree with and ignore the rest.

Extra Money: What Not to Do

Con people into thinking you're successful when you're not.

If you haven't tried it for yourself, don't say that a given action will yield a positive result. However you can change the phrasing to say that you read about profitable tactics or that you learned about them from someone else. 
If you make your content passive, you can still earn money without misleading your audience.

Sell Questionable Goods and Services

Before accepting any offer of promotion or association, you should research the firm to make sure they haven't been accused of scamming or falsely misrepresenting their products or services. 

While it's true that even the most reputable organizations can make blunders in business, the aforementioned two will likely cause your reputation to suffer for quite some time.

Trap Your Listeners false claims

Think about the impressions you're leaving with your words. Even if you didn't make any wild claims, trying to give false impression will make your audience view you as manipulating. Always do what's right and be honest with your readers if you care about your reputation.


Be mindful of your audience, watch your affiliations, and tell the truth. Avoid taking unnecessary risks with your online presence and reputation because of how easy it is to damage both.

Make sure to be careful with your words.

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