Self-Publishing and Affiliations FAQ: Earn Passive Income Writing About Things You Love

Self-Publishing and Affiliations FAQ: Earn Passive Income Writing About Things You Love

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Have you recently published a book? Perhaps you write a blog about literature. If so, you’ve likely spent a ton of time and money on different books, manuals, and instructions. But, did you know that the resources you used to write your content can also become a source of passive income?

How to Earn Passive Income With Self-Publishing Affiliations FAQ

Self-Publishing and Affiliations FAQ

Affiliations are a simple and easy way to earn extra money if you’re publishing online. Unlike product affiliations, they’re a bit different since they don’t include physical products.

#1: What Are Self-Publishing Affiliate Programs?

These affiliate programs don’t market products. You don’t have to promote them like you would promote a hairspray or a body lotion. Instead, they promote knowledge, academia, and literature.

Consumer interest in physical products revolves around quality. On the other hand, interest in eBooks, Audio Books, and other publications like blogs and courses revolves around creativity, knowledge, authenticity, and ideas.

This makes it easier to find and market the right digital content. All you need to do is discover online literature that you wish to represent, and then post about it and promote your affiliate URL. If your reader decides to get the product, you earn a commission.

#2: What Should I promote?

Knowing who to associate with and what titles to promote is important to build your brand and attract an audience. Self-publishing offers a rare privilege. You participate in the market whose customers value information and expertise. Plus, they're willing to pay for it. What are we trying to say?

You don’t have to pitch affiliate products to your readers. All you need to do is to try them out and then write a review. Readers are already looking for someone to tell them if a book or a course are worth their time!

#3: What Should I Avoid With Affiliate Promotions?

Although affiliate programs give you a lot of freedom to choose products that you like and present them the way you wish, you still need to mind your ethics.

You should never spread false or inaccurate information. Physical product affiliations might have bloggers' claims subject to interpretation. Whereas digital content is always there to check and verify.

If your readers accuse you of purposefully lying to them so that they would purchase through your affiliate link, you risk loss of profit and even legal ramifications.



In a nutshell, publishing affiliations are a great, simple, accessible way to earn passive income. However, you need to invest in books and courses to be able to give an educated review. Hold yourself to the highest ethical standards to avoid online accusations and scrutiny. The best option is to select those topics and products that you feel confident in. Always remind your readers that the given opinions are your subjective impressions.



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