This Educational Tool Can Help Your Child Get a Head Start. ✍️

This Educational Tool Can Help Your Child Get a Head Start. ✍️

An Experienced Reading Teacher Reveals a Time-Tested Method that, when followed, it will enable any parent to effortlessly teach their child to become an outstanding reader. 💡

To Teach, We Rely on Methods That Have Been Validated by Science

Decades of research in the field of science have shown that teaching children of ALL AGES how to read using phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics is the most effective method.

However, it is not taught in the majority of schools, and the schools that do teach it may only teach a fragmented kind of phonics since there is no curriculum in place that is logical and consistent.

This Educational Tool Can Help Your Child Get a Head Start!

 Worse worse, many schools still teach "sight words" and other ineffective methods like guessing and skipping over new words...

...and this is why there are so many children who have trouble reading!

One-third of all students enrolled in the fourth grade are unable to read at a fundamental level...

I can empathize with the stress and anxiety that is brought on for parents when their child is having trouble reading. When I work with students who have trouble reading, I often find that they feel ashamed of themselves and blame themselves.

It is not necessary for this to take place! Because of the ineffective instruction that they get, our children are unable to read.

Reading and spelling are going to be very difficult to learn for kids who don't have phonemic awareness (PA).

Instruction in synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness is beneficial to the reading and spelling skills of all children and adolescents.

Reading and comprehension skills may be greatly improved in children via the use of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness.

Children can go from not even knowing the letters and sounds to eventually reading chapter books and novels with the help of my method, which teaches you exactly how to do this by combining engaging games and activities with step-by-step instruction in phonics and phonetics-based phonetics-based phonetics.

This Approach Is Efficient With Children Of ALL Ages.Reading may result in a rise of more than 6 points in a child's IQ.


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