How to Promote Your Self-Publishing Business for Passive Income

How to Promote Your Self-Publishing Business for Passive Income

Are you a self-publishing entrepreneur? If so, it could be difficult to break through in the market! With so many hotshots out there, getting noticed for your talent and skill seems like mission impossible!

Luckily, we’re here to show you how to market your self-publishing business for more sales and passive income.

How to Promote Your Self-Publishing Business for Passive Income

You might be an amazing writer and an avid reader, but you also need to become a skillful business person. This is true if you wish to make passive income from your self-publishing business.

Simply writing and publishing a book won’t be enough for that. You also need to know how to turn your writing/publishing into an entire business concept. You’ll do this in the following three steps:

Step #1: Build a brand

What does your work, writing, inspiration, and motivation revolve around? What’s that specific cause, or a mission you’re striving toward? Write it down and then make strong associations to your work.

Your readers should associate your writing with a broader concept or a philosophy. That way, they are more likely to remember you and come back for more of your work.

Step #2: Market content

Aside from knowing how to create a publishing brand, it’s also important to know how to market your content:

  • Think about your target readers, their interest, pain points, value system, and purchasing power to design your marketing campaign
  • Design emails, landing pages, ads, and social media posts ahead of time
  • Use snippets of your work to appeal to different audience segments and spark their interest in your work

Step #3: Grow brand and Business

For your publishing business to start bringing passive income, it’s necessary to grow your brand so that your active participation in sales is no longer required. What does this mean?

When you make a deal with the publisher to sell your book, you no longer have to do anything except take chunks of profit. The same goes when you associate your book with other brands, by allowing them to inspire after your ideas.

For this, you might look toward music, theatre, and video expansion. If other artists use your work for further creation, you’re then entitled to a chunk of their profits.

Likewise, if you team up with other companies to use quotes, motives, characters, and styles from your book for their merchandise, you no longer have to do anything except wait for your monthly check.



There are many amazing ways to make passive income from your book. Plan long instead of short-term, and give your marketing plan a couple of years to yield desired results. If you delve deep into the core of your book’s value, it won’t be difficult to find lifelong affiliations and take a chunk of their earnings!


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