How to Earn Passive Income with Side-Hustle: Blogging + Tips (2023)

How to Earn Passive Income with Side-Hustle: Blogging + Tips (2023)

Expanding the Article: How to Make Passive Income From Blogging

It’s no news that one can make money from blogging. Nowadays, anyone with several thousands of devoted readers can at least pay for their monthly utilities from blogging revenue. But, getting there isn’t easy. In fact, most bloggers who start publishing don’t make any money at all during the first few years. In this article, you’ll find out if blogging can become your passive income source, and how to get there.

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When you publish a blog, your website traffic (the number of daily and monthly visits to your website) can attract advertisers, so you may qualify for their affiliate program. If not, you can list your blog for a program like AdSense. You’ll get paid revenue for a certain number of daily visits to your blog, and in exchange, you give them advertising space on your website.

But, if making money from a blog was that simple, wouldn’t everyone earn their monthly checks easily? You’re right to be cautious. If you don’t understand a few simple rules of marketable blogging, you may write top-quality content for years without attracting readers. Here’s how to avoid that:

Tip #1: Plan and Organize Your Posts

No matter how great of a writer you are, you must have an underlying concept behind your posts if you want them to make sense to readers. Most bloggers out there write on impulse about their topic or experience of the week, but this isn’t marketable.

Instead, design your blog around a philosophy, idea, or a concept. Then, break down that concept into themes, and those themes into topics that align with current trends. That way, you’ll be able to interlink your blog posts into a comprehensive network. This will not only provide your readers with a coherent reading experience but also help with search engine optimization.

Tip #2: Optimize

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can greatly enhance your blog's visibility and help your readers find your content. There are few things that bother literary enthusiasts as having to repeat generic words and phrases, but understand that there’s a reason for that.

Think of the internet as a massive drawer full of papers, files, and folders. If your blog post is just another note at the bottom of the drawer, no one will be able to find it. Instead, make sure to have your blog stand out using logical word organization and incorporating relevant keywords. By understanding and implementing SEO strategies, you increase the chances of your blog posts appearing prominently in search engine results.

That way, when readers research a topic of interest, your blog posts are more likely to "get the front seat." This increased visibility can drive more traffic to your blog, attracting potential advertisers and increasing your passive income opportunities.

Tip #3: Build Your Brand Offline

While the focus of blogging is often on the online world, it's important to recognize that online presence begins offline. Testimonials of your offline work give you credibility, recognition, and authentic knowledge and materials to share with your audience. Document your daily meetings, trips, and activities, and choose the most inspiring and respectable ones to write about.

Even if you don’t become famous overnight, you will build a devoted fan base who’ll come back each day to check if you’ve published something new. By establishing a strong personal brand offline and sharing your experiences, expertise, and insights, you create a unique and relatable voice for your blog. This authenticity can attract loyal readers and potential collaborators, further expanding your blogging opportunities and potential income streams.


Writing a blog can be a great opportunity to make passive income. Still, your literary skill needs a touch of business smarts. Start strategizing, planning, conceptualizing, and optimizing! Remember these rules, and you’ll enjoy passive income from your.

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