How to Make Passive Income Through Self-Publishing Platforms

How to Make Passive Income Through Self-Publishing Platforms

Are you looking to make passive income from self-publishing, but you’re experiencing challenges? You’re not alone! While publishing on your own means you don’t depend on another publisher, it also means that you’re not guaranteed readers and sales.

In this article, you’ll find out how to overcome this obstacle by setting up your own platform where you can present and promote your work exactly how you want it!

Your Self-Publishing Platform as a Source for Passive Income

So after you have created that best seller, your eBook, or audiobook, you want want to capitalize of how you sell and market your creations.

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Step 1: Create a Website

The best thing about self-publishing is that you don’t have to split your profits with anyone if you do the hard work of setting up your website and installing online purchases for your readers.

The steps for this are simple. First, you need to purchase a domain, design your website, and present yourself as an author in a way that will appeal best to your readers. Then, you need to upload a downloadable copy of your book and set an online shopping cart.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to find a good online service for this to avoid hiccups and hacks that could potentially damage your sales and reputation. Beyond that, setting up your website gives you the opportunity to advertise the book directly on social media using all available tools, from ads to posts!


Step 2: Create Your Social Media Brand

It may come as difficult news, but a good book won’t necessarily sell itself. It needs representation, and as a social media publisher, it’s your job to take care of it. Your online representation consists of uploading your portfolio and reeling in readers by displaying the message, value, and philosophy behind your work in visually-appealing ways.

If generating extra income is your goal, you need to set up social media pages and profiles and even streaming channels to promote your book. Pay special attention to weave the same visuals, graphics, and themes into your posts and promotional materials to better imprint the reader’s memory.

Step 3: Sell Your Work

Now that you have all of the basics set, it’s time to launch a marketing campaign. Find all possible ways to speak about your book and to get others to speak about it.

The best ways to do this are to team up with other authors, bloggers, podcasts authors, , and organizations that align with the idea, theme, and philosophy of your work.

Then, make as many appearances, interviews, and collaborations as you can. Doing this will spark interest in your book from readers who are already like-minded, and the much-desired sales will soon start pouring in.

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Setting up your own platform is a great way to create passive income from self-publishing. This side hustle ensures that all earnings go straight to you, and it also keeps your devoted audience in one place!

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