Flirting in the Digital Age: Tips for Social Influence & Persuasion in Online Dating

Flirting in the Digital Age: Tips for Social Influence & Persuasion in Online Dating

Has being single put you out of touch with the art of romantic connection?

Perhaps it’s not “the game” that’s changed, but rather the way in which it is played. Or...where it is played.

Flirting in the digital age may have tossed the rule-book out of the window as online dating has become the norm. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a photographer to picture yourself with that perfect match!

Maybe it’s time for a new guide, and we have exactly what you need.

Learn to Mingle on a Website for Singles

Finding potential remote love seems simple enough. Keeping it going is quite another.

Using free dating sites has made it easier than ever to cast your line in the dating pool. But what will you use as bait? The social cues that you’ve come to rely on are all gone, and in the end you have few tools at your disposal to reel in that desired match.

The artificial veil is drawn, and the only thing that can breach it is the science of text chemistry. With it, you need to evoke the language of desire and make your fusion of text characters and emojis count to bring your intention across.

Understand the Trick to Free Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Understand the Trick to Free Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Did you know that those expensive premium memberships don’t actually improve your chances of being noticed?

In The Art of the Tele-Flirt, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of setting up a striking dating profile, from choosing the right dating app to even using a limited range of tools to their full potential.

Learn to Mingle on a Website for Singles

Once you’ve drawn the eye of a potential lover, the game is afoot.

Luckily, we’ll offer you some tips on what moves to make by giving you ideas for mobile, text, and video dating.

Learn everything from opening a conversation and keeping the momentum with compelling one-liners, to avoiding fatal mistakes when it comes to flirting.


Could my online dating experience open my world to passion encounters?

Absolutely. In The Art of the Tele-Flirt, you'll be introduced to ways you can turn your digital encounters into potential setups for in-person romance. In addition, you'll learn all there is to know about unlocking secret obsessions.

Digital encounters into potential set-ups for in-person romance

How do I avoid the frustrations of waiting for a match?

As you'll learn in my book, a lot of your success in digital flirtation depends on your mindset and approach. Take this advice from an expert—I learned that efficiency helps to stop wasting time in dating options that ultimately lead nowhere.


Time to Start Typing if You’re Tired of Swiping

Is your phone flammable? Well maybe it’s not full of enough matches.

Make the best out of your free dating site toolkit and become a master at remote romance.

Start setting fire to those websites for singles by investing in The Art of the Tele-Flirt now!


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