eBook Passive Income Trends: What to Self-Publish in 2022

eBook Passive Income Trends: What to Self-Publish in 2022

Do you want to self-publish a book but can’t pinpoint the right topic? As a self-publisher, you ought to find captivating topics. When your sales depend on the reader's interest, it’s wise to do the best you can to increase your chances of success.

In this article, you’ll find out the latest self-publishing trends in 2022. With this knowledge, you’ll know what topics to focus on to increase your chances of making passive income from this bookish side hustle.

What Are the Self-Publishing Trends in 2022 for Passive Income?

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Trend 1: Side Hustles

In the aftermath of a global health crisis, people worldwide are reevaluating their lives. Millions have realized that they’ve been giving their employers much more than they paid.

As a result, people are massively looking for side hustles and all possible strategies to get ahead in life without being attached to a single profession and company. The result of this is millions of e-books being published, teaching people how to make money. If you wish to participate, hop on the entrepreneur wagon!

Write about potential sources for additional income, from food delivery to freelancing; you can also research art, online jobs, or offline jobs, like babysitting and dog walking.

For greater financial goals, people also turn to trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other market-related side hustles. Whatever your expertise is, there’s freelance work in the area that your readers can benefit from.

Trend : DIY, Hobbies, and Crafts

There’s a whole online community of people who want to create things by themselves: people who want to make art, clothes, furniture, renovate their homes, paint walls, do gardening, or run a farm. Hence, they need proper instruction to do it right.

If you have a knack for crafting, why not monetize it? Ask yourself: what skills do you have to teach people that would benefit their lives?

Trend 3: Streaming Revenue

People all over the world want to learn how to make money. Some of the major platforms for generating extra income include social media, video-streaming platforms, content creation, design, and so many more!

Even better, there’s plenty of research done on the topic for you to read, test, and present to your readers in the form of a unique strategy for starting their own brand and business, whether they want to run a successful YouTube channel or run a podcast.


Trending topics vary from year to year, and often from season to season. However, remember that you have one thing in common with your readers, that you can learn to use in your favor: you want to make it on your own.

There is a common theme threading across the popular topics in self-publishing, and it’s doing things on your own. Whether it’s building a shed or a company, people who want to step out of line and embrace their own creative abilities always seem to find one another.

Remember that you and your readers have the same motivation: you want growth, success, independence, and more importantly, to create!


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