Bad dating memories? If it's history from long ago, move on! (2023)

Dating Life: If it's history from long ago, move on! (2023)

The last thing your boyfriend wants to think about is that you've been with another guy, whether we're talking about sex or just hooking up. He might go completely insane if he imagines another man having a sexual encounter with you.


Date Life: If it's history from long ago, move on!

Do you have extensive sexual experience, and can you describe it? If that's the case, your boyfriend may be struggling to deal with the situation. He must accept this, though. Don't let somebody drag your history up or use it as an excuse. If it happened recently (within the previous few months), leave it in the past and move on.

He needs to take you at face value. If he truly wants to be with you, he will accept you for who you are. In fact, that sums up the entire point. This doesn't mean he has to accept your sexual past, but he also can't use it against you. He shouldn't have shown interest in you and then immediately started digging into your background. Tell him straight out that he must accept everything about you if he wants to date you if he keeps bringing up your history.

Tell him a) you can go your own ways, or b) he can stay with you. b) You continue your relationship, but he is not allowed to bring up any of your previous relationships under any circumstances. And especially not when you and your partner are in conflict.

If it's history from long ago, move on now!

Get over yourself and figure out what went wrong. Indulging in the short-lived joys of sex and hooking up can have negative consequences for your reputation and sense of self-worth. Changing your "free loving" behaviors is OK as long as you are doing so for moral reasons. If you've just had a few hookups and your partner is making a huge deal out of it, you might want to reevaluate if you really need to date such a puritanical person.


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